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Superdelic Hops

Superdelic Hops

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This hop's unique oil chemistry profile produces unique flavours and aromas of Red Fruit, Candy/ Lolly, Citrus, and Tropical Fruit.

Having performed well in the small plot trials and showing sensory attributes of red fruit in early brewing trials it was fast-tracked by our Grower Committee to the NZ Hops trial hop farm in 2017. It exhibited great performance in the field with a vigorous growth pattern, resistance to mite damage, and high yield.

This exceptional hop is a playful number, with red fruit, candy, citrus and tropical fruit characteristics, offering brewers something different to use in their craft.

In a Hazy IPA, it revealed its ripe mango, sweet berry, and citrus notes. Noted for its unique performance, with great biotransformation properties from dry hopping during active fermentation. 

It is a versatile hop that can be used as a single hop addition and has great synergies in combination with other hops. It pairs well with Citra, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka and Riwaka.

Brand: NZ Hops
Alpha Acids: 9.02%
Beta Acids: 3.18%

Please note, the Superdelic is repacked to order into clear vacuum-sealed packages. The hops are perfectly fine provided prompt use or storage in a freezer or fridge until use.

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