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Hefeweizen Recipe Pack

Hefeweizen Recipe Pack

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This old classic German-style beer has been an all-time favourite for many years. This hazy-looking beer uses wheat as one of the main ingredients but uses yeast to make this one of the most popular beer styles in the world. The yeast provided will give you a fruity and phenolic character.

Along with the spiciness of the hops, plus the high carbonation of the style, this will be a perfect beer for the consistently warm Philippine temperatures.

Ingredients In the Pack:

  • Grain Bill:
    2.25kg Weyermann Wheat Ale
    2.25kg Joe White Pilsner

  • Hop Schedule:
    30g Tettnager @ 45 minutes
    20g Tettnager @ 15 minutes

  • Yeast:
    1x 11.5g WB-06 Pitched @ 18°c

Please find the downloadable PDF File for the Hefeweizen Brewing Instructions Here

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