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Coffee Porter Recipe Pack

Coffee Porter Recipe Pack

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This take on the classic porter has been a popular seller at Brew N Stuff since the beginning and continues to do so. Not quite as bold or filling as a traditional stout, this dark beer still packs a punch flavour-wise while being easy enough to enjoy in the warm Philippine weather.

At only 5.5% ABV and featuring the earthy, spicy notes from EK Golding, you can enjoy the Porter as is, or add coffee as it is designed for it. 

Due to the shelf life of the recommended ingredient Cold Brew coffee, it is not included in the pack. We suggest making or purchasing at least 250ml the day before you dry hop or bottle. You can also experiment with what type of coffee and when you use it, whether you want to try the boil, flameout or into the fermenter. We experimented when brewing this recipe to find our favourite time to add the coffee, you can too.

Ingredients In the Pack:

  • Grain Bill:
    4.1kg Weyermann Pale Ale Malt
    0.8kg Weyermann Caramunich
    0.4kg Weyermann Carafa
    0.4kg Rolled Oats

  • Hop Schedule:
    70g EK Goldings @ 60 minutes
    30g EK Goldings @ 20 minutes

  • Yeast:
    1x 11.5g S-04 Pitched @ 19°c

Please find the downloadable PDF File for the Coffee Porter Brewing Instructions Here

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