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Citra Incognito® Hop Extract

Citra Incognito® Hop Extract

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Barthhaas are one of the leading providers of hops in the world, so it should be no surprise that they provide some of the best hop extracts.

The Incognito® blends are perfect for adding during whirlpool and offer consistency over many brews, less wastage, and a better yield. The extract plays well with hop pellets to combine wonderful flavours and aromas. 

A dosage rate of 1g/L is the equivalent of 5.8g/L of hop pellets. The replacement ratio is 1:6 and the maximum rate is 2g/L. A 20g dose is the equivalent of roughly 115g of T90 pellets during the whirlpool.
Please note is recommended to combine with pellets during the brewing process and to experiment with your dosage rate to suit your own preferences.

Read more on Incognito® here.

Brand: BarthHaas
Alpha Acids: 50.74%
Production Date: Feb '23
Best Before: Feb '25
Repack Date: Jan '24

Please note, that the Citra Incognito® has been repackaged into smaller containers for homebrew use. It is recommended to keep the hop extract at a temperature less than 5
° C (freezing is not necessary). Due to the repackaging, the shelf life is 6 months and delivery will only be made to Manila addresses due to the need to keep the extract cool. 
Customers from outside Manila may organise an address for delivery inside Manila and then proceed from there (at their own risk).

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