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Centennial Hops

Centennial Hops

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Centennial hops were born from a mixture of old-school English hops such as Fuggles and Goldings. However, the hop has taken on a life of its own, giving characteristics to many classic professional beers that many of you have tasted. Earthy and resinous in taste and floral in aroma, Centennial is a favourite in pale ales, IPAs and wheat beers. High in Alpha Acids, Centennial can be used in bittering and aroma hop additions by itself or paired with similar hops such as Cascade.

Brand: Yakima Chief
Alpha Acids: 8.6%
Beta Acids: 3.6%

Please note, that Centennial is repacked to order into clear vacuum-sealed packages. The hops are perfectly fine provided prompt use or storage in a freezer or fridge until use.

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