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Blue Moon Belgian White Clone Recipe

Blue Moon Belgian White Clone Recipe

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While the attitude has changed over the years, Blue Moon was once considered a gateway beer by many. Moving from macro lagers to full-blown craft beer is not always a quick jump and many an aficionado began by drinking Blue Moon many years ago. This easy-drinking Witbeir-style beer has been around for years and is a perfect hot-weather beer.

With a hazy appearance and a pleasant coriander and orange finish, this is a must-try style for any fan of beer. The coriander and orange peels are not included in the pack as we recommend fresh zesting during the brew day.

One of the OG 'craft beers' and always a crowd favourite.

Ingredients In The Pack:

  • Grain Bill:
    3kg Joe White Traditional Ale
    1.75kg Weyermann Wheat 
    0.4kg Flaked Oats

  • Hops
    25g Hallertauer Mittelfrüher

  • Yeast:
    1x 11.5g SafAle US-05
    1x 11g Lallemand Belgian Wit-Style Yeast

Please find the downloadable PDF File for the Blue Moon Belgian White Clone Brewing Instructions Here

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