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BBP Wunder Lager Clone Recipe

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This recipe is for a 19 Litre (5 Gallon) batch. 


  • Grain Bill:
    3.5kg Weyermann Pilsner Malt
  • Hop Schedule:
    10g Cascade @ 60 minutes
    10g Chinook @ Flameout / Whirlpool
    10g Citra @ Flameout / Whirlpool
    10g Mosaic @ Flameout / Whirlpool
    40g Citra @ Dry Hop (After 10 Days)
    40g Mosaic @ Dry Hop (After 10 Days)

    40g Cascade @ Dry Hop (After 10 Days)
  • 1x 11.5g W-34/70 @ 18°c

Est. OG: 1.034
Est. FG: 1.006
Est. ABV: 3.7%


Pre-heat your 13 Lts of mash water for 69°c (to account for a drop in temp).
Mill the grains and then mash for 75 minutes @ 65°c

Raise the temp. to 75°c for 10 minutes

Sparge with 17 Lts of 75°c water. Once the water is completely drained, remove the grain bag or bucket.

Raise to a boil (boil time is 60 minutes) and then follow the suggested hop schedule.
Cool the wort down once the boil is complete and safely transfer it to a sanitised fermenter.

Once at 16°c, aerate the wort and then pitch the sanitised yeast packet.
Follow the below fermentation schedule:
Drop to 12°c after one day, and leave it at that temperature. 
Dry hop the beer after 10 days.
After two weeks, drop the temperature to 10°c for two days, before dropping down even further to 8°c for two more days.
After four days (so twenty in total since brewing) cold crash to 2°c and leave for 10 days to lager.

Bottle or keg as you normally do, wait for the conditioning to finish and then it’s onto the most important step.

Enjoying it.