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BrewHa 25L Bucket Fermenter with extras

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BrewHa Bucket Fermenter/Storage
Our new BrewHa bucket fermenter was produced with a mix of Two FDA plastic material, resulting in a higher-class vessel that can withstand higher temperatures than other fermenter buckets. The bucket is semi-translucent, to help monitor fermentation and volume level. BrewHa Bucket can be use as Food grade airtight Malt storage container (indicate NO HOLE) for malt storage
BrewHa bucket serves two purposes,
1. fermentation and bottling vessel. By eliminating the auto-siphon, racking from fermenter to secondary allows you to transfer your worth from one bucket to another while minimizing exposure to oxygen or possible contamination from use of additional equipment.
2. For bottling, BrewHa bucket is a convenient way to fill your bottles and leave the trub undisturbed, resulting in nearly sediment free transfer.
Kit comes with a 25L Bucket, Airtight screw-in lid (gasket seal included), Airlock, 2 grommet (solid and drilled rubber stopper), and fermenter

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