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Vic Secret Hops

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Vic Secret™ is fairly new to the game, only being introduced in 2013. She hails from the same Australian and U.K. roots as her sister Topaz™. Anticipate flavours and aromatics of clean pineapple and passionfruit, with a slight, resinous whiff lingering in the background. Vic Secret's approachability and high alpha acid content make her a nice addition to any hop-forward beer style. Her characteristics are best highlighted in the whirlpool or dry-hop additions. Vic Secret™ possesses similar yet lighter characteristics than her peer Galaxy™, but she’s no less of a breakout star in her own right.

Alpha Acids: 11.2%

Please note, the Vic Secret is repacked to order into clear vacuum-sealed packages. The hops are perfectly fine provided prompt use or storage in a freezer or fridge until use.